Competitive Edge Due to in House Raw Material One Stop Solution for all your Natural Ingredients

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    World Class Manufacturing Facility of both Solvent & Co2 Extraction

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    A well-equipped in-house laboratory of HPLC, GC, and UV

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  • CURCUMIN 95% by HPLC

    We supply 100% Natural Curcumin 95% Powder & DC Granules by HPLC

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    Fresh Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Extracted within 2 hours from the Harvest

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Extraction Process

Rosun facilities utilizes two processes in the procurement of herbal extracts:

Carbon Dioxide Extraction (Super Fluid Critical Extraction)
Solvent Extraction

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extraction

Rosun is committed to achieving excellence in the extraction and production of natural CO2 extracts. Our experience and expertise enables us to manufacture the highest quality CO2 extracts. We offer products and services to food, cosmetic, agricultural, industrial, pharmaceutical and biomedical industries.

Super Fluid Critical Extraction (SCFE) involves the heating of CO2 gas under high pressure resulting in a conversion from gas to a super critical fluid. This liquid state of the gas works as a liquid solvent with the diffusivity of a gas and works as a processing media in the extraction of natural compounds from herbs and plants.

Supercritical fluid extraction is capable of precisely controlling the separation of extracts from herbal residues. This process involves the precise regulation of temperature, pressure, flow rate and processing time. SCFE produces higher yields in comparison to traditional extraction methods.

This extraction process

  • Produces extracts that are un-graded and with natural properties preserved.
  • Extracts contain high concentrations of desired active components.
  • No residual solvent.
  • Free from biological contamination.
  • Longer shelf life.

Solvent Extraction

Rosun utilizes advanced methods of continuous solvent extraction in the procurement of natural extracts. Solvent extraction maintains excellent standards in safety and quality control, which has a direct correlation with a decreasein environmental pollution. Our process ensures original raw material characteristics are conserved in the extracts produced.

We utilize a variety of herbal extraction equipment manufactured to operate using international standards. Rosun is capable of providing high quality products based on the specific requirements of individual customers.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing Services manages customer requests for custom manufacturing, product development for natural healthcare supplements, food ingredients and contract research activities.

We encourage our customers to discuss their requirements with us for custom blends, brand ingredients and semi or finished product requirements.