Competitive Edge Due to in House Raw Material One Stop Solution for all your Natural Ingredients

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    World Class Manufacturing Facility of both Solvent & Co2 Extraction

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    A well-equipped in-house laboratory of HPLC, GC, and UV

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  • CURCUMIN 95% by HPLC

    We supply 100% Natural Curcumin 95% Powder & DC Granules by HPLC

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    Fresh Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Extracted within 2 hours from the Harvest

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Herbal extraction is a complicated procedure due to complex nature of plants and herbs. The most useful ingredients are present in form of organic compoundsin different parts of the plants. Extraction of each compound depends on the solubility of the rich components in medium of extraction. These medium can be water, organic solvents and their mixtures etc. We use scientific principles of solubility and physical separation to extract a particular compound. The plant design and procedure of extraction for every product and component is different foreach compound. It involves a number of procedures to extract isolated compounds from the herbs & other raw materials. The primary step can be generalized where compounds are extracted using an extraction media. But secondary step involves purification and separation by many physical and chemical processes. From a general process of extraction, all the rich herbal extracts can be utilized directly for herbal, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Some of these extracts can also be used as natural dyes for leather, food, cosmetic and textiles for providing colors to them.

GMP Herbal Extraction Plan

We also have high-tech GMP Herbal Extraction Plant which is used for extracting useful ingredients from different kinds of herbs, leafs, twigs, seeds and fruits etc. The extraction process is done by soxhelation and cohobation at different sets of pressures and temperatures. Our GMP Herbal Extraction Plant has following features:

  • Plants are designed and manufactured as per GMP Norms.
  • It facilitates easy handling of material (charging, discharging).
  • Plant can be cleaned easily which avoids contamination.
  • Online transfer of extract from one system to another, till the final product.
  • Material of construction as per requirement: Capacity: 20 -2000 liters.
  • Produces highly standardized Botanical extracts.
  • Customized granulation, Sound Technical Assistance&Custom Blends.
  • Self owned and associated properties expand over an area of 35,000 sq ft having a total extraction.
  • Has capacity of over 2500 tons per year.
  • These facilities are GMP, ISO, KOSHER certified.
  • Production facilities are supported with latest machinery for extraction, purification, Spray drying.
  • Standard packing facilities for Standardized extracts.
  • Full power back up, Effluent treatment plant, air and water treatment units.
  • Ensures an eco-friendly environment.