[heading]CONTRACT FARMING[/heading]

Rosun ensures you amazing quality as we acquire the best raw materials from our owned contract farms. Through consistent training and guidance in newer agricultural practices, we assist our farming community, providing them with ultra-modern planting materials, natural fertilizers, and organic bio-pesticides. We’ve engaged hundreds of hardworking farmers and have a combined agricultural farming area of more than one thousand acres giving us everything we need to grow and harvest great organic ingredients in quality and quantity.


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities incorporate modern technological methods and equipment enabling us to fulfill the bulk requirement of each and every one of our clients. Our state-of-art manufacturing facilities are capable of producing large volumes of high-quality natural extracts. We have a dedicated spray drying unit that has been specially designed to produce excellent quality products. We also offer our valued customers superior products from optimized production processes.


Thanks to our internationally developed, modern and automated systems used for packaging which results in minimal human contact, any type of contamination is consequently prevented. Our automated packaging machines weigh, fill and pack products which then follow a meticulous quality control process to guarantee quality, consistency, and reliability. Our high-tech modern facilities have the capability of processing up to 1000 kg of herbal extracts. Our sophisticated extraction procedure ensures the natural qualities and properties of extracts are retained as well as complying with international standards.

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