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1 Amla


Dried fruit of Emblica Officinalis

Leaves of Bacopa Monneri Herb

Upto 40% Tannins &
upto 30% polyphenols
Upto 50% Bacosides by HPLC

Brain / nerve rejuvenation, stress reduction.

2 Cinnamon cassia Bark of cinnamon 5% – 20% polyphenols Helpful in diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, and to relieve flatulence
3 Cocoa beans Beans of cocoa 5% – 10% theobromine Cardiovascular health
4 Fenugreek Seeds of Trigonella Foeniculum Upto 60% saponins Antidiabetic, cholesterol redn
5 Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Mangostana

Dried fruit rind of Garcinia Cambogia

Fruits of Garcinia mangostana

Calcium Salts upto 70% Hydroxytric acid (HCA)
Potassium alts (water soluble) upto 50% HCA
Combined Ca/K Salts (water soluble) with 60% HCA
Magnesium Salt (water soluble) upto 60% HCA
Combined Ca/K/Mg Salts (water soluble) upto 70% HCA
20% and 40% Mangostin
Weight management & anti-obesity

Weight management

6 Ginger Rhizomes of Zingiber Officinale 5% Gingerols by HPLC Relieves motion sickness, nausea and common cold. Digestive
7 Green Coffee

Green Tea


Seeds of Coffea Arabica

Leaves of Camellia Sinensis

Tomato extract

Oleoresin10 – 20% Gingerols by HPLC
45% Chlorogenic Acids by HPLC
40% Polyphenol by UV
Upto 50% Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) by HPLC
Upto 95% total Polyphenols by UV
5% and 10% lycopene
Anti-oxidant & Stimulant

Anti-oxidant & Thermogenic

Skin care, food colorant

8 Natural caffeine powder From green tea / Greencoffee upto 98% caffeine Antioxidant
9 Noni

Punica granatum

Fruits of Morinda Citrifolia

Fruit Rind of pomegranate

Upto 30% polysaccharides
20-40% saponins
45% ellagic acid, 20-60% polyphenols
General health tonic


10 Stevia Leaves of Stevia Rebaudiana >80% steviol glycosides Natural sweetener

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