post1 Product Active ingredient Pharmacological use


Asparagus racemosus Saponins 20% Galactagogue, adaptogenic, lactogenic


Ashwagandha Withanolides General weakness

CNS depressent, aphrodisiac, stress induced disorder, lmmuno modulator, Adaptogenic.


Boswelia serrata Boswellic acid Anti arthritic, anti-inflammatory, Rheumatic disorder
4 Bambusa arundinacca (Tabasir) dry ext. Natural silica Helps for digestion of protiens and regulates menstrual periods.


Garlic Alliin Carminative.
Used as antiflatulant, laxative, hepatoprotective, They are useful in flatulence, colic, constipation, spleenopathy, hepatopathy


Ginger Gingerols Antispasmodic, Carminative.


Holarrhena antidysenterica Alkaloids It is carminative, thermogenic, laxative and digestive.
Useful in amoebic dyesentery, diarrhoea, hepatopathy, gastropathy, hepato spleenomegaly


Phyllanthus niruri
Bitters Hepatoprotective.


Tinospora cordifolia Bitters Acrid, cooling, laxative, vulnerary, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic & mentic & degestive.
Immunomodulatory. The stem is digestive, carminative, appetizer, stomachic, cardiotonic, spleenopathy
10 Tribulus terrestris Saponins Aphrodisiac, litholytic, crystalluria, urolithiasis, diuretic
11 Triphala Tannins 30% Enhance body resistance, improve mental faculties
12 Silajatu Fulvic acid Antitress, Rejuvinative
13 Vidari Flavonoids Hematonic, diuretic
14 Punarnava Bitters Hepatoprotective

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