In addition to taking care of the entirety of the manufacturing process which includes harvesting raw materials, processing, packaging and then shipping our products, ROSUN also offers private labeling, custom formulation packaging (or bulk packaging) as an option for any consumers who wish to have products manufactured under their brand name. Our GMP, BRC, ISO, Non- GMO, Non- Gluten, Organic, Kosher, Halal and Vegan Certified factories assure the high quality of our products as our in-house team checks every single batch of packages before their shipment.

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Whether for an individual consumer or bigger brand, we can provide the best quality organic products no matter our customers’ location. With ROSUN, all money investments you make are 100% protected and secure. Thanks to our multiple Food Certifications and USFDA registered status, we at ROSUN can provide custom formulations for buyers as well. Our creative team can either create unique, personal formulas to cater your brand needs or use our organic and pure materials to manufacture any custom product you want as we follow your requirements, specifications, and demands regarding the ingredients, their amount, their processing, etc.
All our products can be packaged using jars, bottles, sachets, stand up pouches, pails and a variety of other packaging methods to fit your liking.

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